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Age: 11 years
Sex: Male
Size: Large
Date arrived: March 2018

Hi, I'm Junior...

Well, by name at least!  As you can see I’m actually not that ‘junior’ anymore..

I’ve been living at Streetdog SOS for almost a year now. Before coming here I was living on the streets near a very busy dual-carriageway, outside Tesco Lotus supermarket.

I’d gotten in a bit of trouble with one of my front paws; it was badly infected and full of disgusting maggots…I could barely walk and was in a lot of pain. Luckily for me Mike and Dilly from Streetdog SOS spotted me, picked me up and took me to see Dr Benz who put me to sleep and cleaned my wound up very nicely.

After a few weeks of recovery and daily wound dressing my paw made a full recovery, but the kind staff at Streetdog SOS took a liking to me and said I could come and live with them….I am a very lucky boy indeed!

I now enjoy lazy days relaxing around the dog kennels, snoozing in the shade and occasionally exploring in the woods.

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