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Mai Pai

Age: 4 years
Sex: Female
Size: Small
Date arrived: August 2018

Hi, I'm Mai Pai (my name means Bamboo in Thai)

I have been living at Streetdog SOS for 6 months now.

I used to live with my three puppies on the side of the road near the farm. Streetdog SOS staff and other kind local people fed us and gave us medical care. Everyone thought we were safe.

Then one by one my puppies disappeared. Two of them were attacked by other dogs and died. I don’t know what happened to the third one. Shortly after that the staff at Streetdog SOS decided to take me in as they thought I was no longer safe. Now I love to follow people around, especially Liew who is my favourite member of the team. Otherwise I enjoy a quiet relaxed life, I like to lie in the shade near my kennel. When I am hot or bored I sit in the water in the plant pots. I never miss an opportunity to take a dip.

I’m happy now living here and don’t have to live in fear anymore!

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