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Age: 2 years
Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Date arrived: October 2018

Hi, I'm Mook...

A few months ago I got very sick. I had a high fever and couldn’t eat for a couple of weeks.

When the very kind lady from the street where I lived realised I was in bad shape, she brought me to Streetdog SOS where the team had me checked out by the local vet. I was suffering from a very serious pyometra infection because of the birth control injections the local people in my village had given me 😢 At the time I was too weak for surgery, so Mike, Liew and the rest of the team at Streetdog SOS spent 2 weeks nursing me and giving me delicious, nutritious food to get my weight back up.

I’ve had the operation now and thankfully have made a full recovery. I’m still a bit weak and nervous though so the Streetdog SOS team decided it’s best if I come and live here from now on, at least until I can find someone to give me a loving new home!

So I’m enjoying the quiet life at the moment, no more fighting on the streets for food, territory or just to keep safe. Everyone here is very kind and gentle with me.

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