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The dog population in Thailand is out of control. An estimated eight million dogs live on the streets, often in terrible conditions. We run mobile sterilization and vaccination clinics to help reduce the number of unwanted puppies born into lives of suffering. This is the only proven, sustainable and humane method to reduce the stray dog population. With the kind support of local monks, we run our clinics week in week out at temples across Nakhon Nayok.


While sterilization is our focus, we will never turn away a dog in need. As the people of Nakon Nayok have got to know about our work we have started to receive rescue call outs. Road traffic accidents, diseases such as parvovirus, canine distemper and TVT, abuse and abandonment, are just some of the harrowing cases we treat daily. It is genuinely shocking that dogs are treated this way, but with your help so many of our stories have happy endings. Please check these out in our Rescue section.


The dogs we rescue live happy lives on our beautiful farm. They are well-fed and given medical treatment, taken for walks, and have fun with our staff and each other in our purpose-built dog park. To give our rescue dogs a second chance at a better life we try to send as many as possible to loving new homes, many of which are overseas. If you are unable to adopt a dog, please consider sponsoring one. In return you will build a relationship with your dog through regular photos and updates on their progress.


Our Mission

  • To rescue and nurse back to health sick, injured and abused dogs.
  • To reduce the enormous number of dogs living on the streets in Thailand through mobile sterilization & vaccination programs.
  • To give as many dogs as possible a second chance at life by finding them loving new forever homes overseas.

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