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Suua joined us at Streetdog SOS after being rescued in Rayong by Jazmin French and her team at Vet Van Thailand.

He is a young male dog full of life and energy, but up until a few weeks ago he’d spent most of his life chained up in someone’s yard in Rayong, denied the right to run, play and enjoy life as all dogs should be free to do. He was also suffering from horrendous wounds and neck injuries due to being chained up in such poor conditions, completely neglected by his so-called 'owners'.

This kind of abuse should never be allowed to happen here or in any country. Thankfully, due to Jazim and her teams intervention and now his ongoing care at Streetdog SOS Suua is expected to make a full recovery.

Once he’s well enough we’ll be looking for a loving new home for this adorable young boy so he can go on to enjoy a new life full of love and happiness.

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