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Sterilization & Vaccination

There are millions of stray and abandoned dogs living in appalling conditions on the streets of Thailand. Our mission is to reduce the street dog population across our home province of Nakhon Nayok. We estimate that there are around 150,000 street dogs in our province. Once we’ve cracked the problem locally, we’ll move on to other areas of Thailand.

Sterilization & Vaccination (also known as Trap, Neuter, Release) is a surgical sterilization procedure. Organisations like ICAM and The Humane Society recognize this procedure as the most compassionate, effective and sustainable way to reduce the numbers of unwanted dogs born on the streets into a life of hardship, disease and suffering.

Each month we run mobile clinics with a team of highly skilled vets and support staff. We trap, neuter and release large numbers of street dogs in temples and other areas where populations of strays congregate. This is a completely safe way of reducing the enormous numbers of unwanted puppies being born into a life of suffering on the streets here in Thailand. We also vaccinate dogs against disease and give them medicine for unpleasant skin parasites like fleas and ticks.

So far, we’ve successfully sterilized and vaccinated around 2,000 dogs within a relatively small area of our home province. This is a great start and we can already see the benefits locally. However, we have a considerable challenge ahead if we’re going to make a real and sustainable difference on a much larger scale.

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